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Pilates treatments in the heart of Canada Water, London SE16 (SE8).

What is pilates?

Pilates is a form of physical exercise which focuses on the improvement of core stability, balance control, flexibility and strength. We offer pilates in our Canada Water clinic in conjunction with osteopathy and sports massage treatment.

What are the benefits of pilates?

Our Canada Water team will often advise pilates exercises as a supplement with our other treatments and therapies, as it has been proven to have a number of benefits which can help the musculoskeletal system of the body.

Improving core stability and pelvic floor

Clinical pilates sessions can help to improve core stability whilst addressing fundamental weaknesses in the pelvic floor. We rely on our core strength both for everyday activities and for more physically exerting movement; this includes sitting, standing for long periods of time, lifting heavy weights.

Pelvic floor strength can be compromised by any number of factors; the most common is pregnancy. Clinical pilates is designed to help you cope with the stresses which pregnancy can place on the body, by helping to give strength to your pelvic floor muscles in the pre and post natal stages.

Reduce neck and back pain

Clinical pilates can help to strengthen muscles, in turn reducing the risk of back and neck pain. Back and neck pain often arise from inactive and weak muscles, which can easily lead to. A careful assessment with our Canada Water team will help us (and you) to determine the muscles which are causing an imbalance through the neck, back and shoulders.

Improve posture and flexibility

Tight muscles can lead to reduced mobility, and in turn lead to poor posture, tension, aches and pains. Good posture is essential for overall health and musculoskeletal strength. Clinical pilates can give your body the necessary strength to correct your posture and increase overall flexibility.

Rehabilitation and injury prevention

People who lack muscular support, or who have muscular imbalances/poor posture are at a heightened risk of injury. Clinical pilates can help to build long term muscular strength, and support overall joint stability and mobility. Pilates is a safe and effective means of rehabilitation in the aftermath of injury.

Improve overall balance, co-ordination and fitness

Overall, a course of pilates can help to improve muscle co-ordination and balance in the long-term. It can help to build up cardiovascular and musculoskeletal strength and endurance when undertaking physically exerting activity or sport.

Booking a course of clinical pilates

We offer clinical pilates in our Canada Water clinic, in tandem with our osteopathy and sports massage treatments. We offer bespoke exercises which focus on core stability, balance, control, flexibility and strength.
If you talk to a member of our Canada Water team, we will be happy to discuss integrating clinical pilates as part of a Health Plan, which you can discuss with one of our practitioners.


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