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Deep Tissue Massage

We offer deep tissue massage in our Canada Water clinic to treat a range of disorders and injuries.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a pressure therapy which aims to break down knots and adhesions in the muscles of the body, providing relief for aches and pains. The pressure placed on the muscle tissues, connective tendons and connective tissues releases tension, unlocks muscle energy and helps to restore motion in the muscles. Deep tissue massage also helps to break down residual scar tissue.

How does deep tissue massage work?

After an initial consultation with our Canada Water massage therapists, we will tailor our deep tissue massage techniques to your individual needs.
The deep tissue massage strategies you can expect is include:
• Neuro-muscular techniques which aim to ease tension in the soft tissues and muscles by applying pressure and friction.
• Pressure to the myofascial tissues of the body which aims to restore motion and ease pain.
• Advice on rehabilitation exercises for the home.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

The techniques listed above have a number of benefits.
• Reducing muscle tension
• Relieving and reducing muscle swelling
• Promoting overall flexibility and muscle strength.
• Reducing overall fatigue.

The nature of deep tissue massage means that it can be used to treat health conditions and injuries such as a stiff neck, back and shoulder pain, muscle and ligament strains.

The effectiveness of deep tissue massage in treating muscle tensions, aches and pains make it an ideal therapy for helping the body to heal after sport-related injuries. It can also be effective in preventing injury in the first place.

There are also longer-term benefits of a course of deep tissue massage. It can also help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and, consequently, reduce overall stress levels.

Deep tissue massage versus sports massage

If you’re seeking massage therapy in the aftermath of a sports related injury, it’s worth bearing in mind the difference between sports massage and deep tissue treatment.

Whilst both therapies overlap in terms of their overall strategies, they are designed to work towards slightly different outcomes. Sports massage therapy is more carefully tailored to easing the common muscle strains and injuries caused by repetitive sporting activity.


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Our Deep Tissue Massage clinic is located in Zone 2 in London; Canada Water SE16, near Deptford SE8,  New Cross SE14 and Canary Wharf E14.


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