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Sports Massage

We offer sports massage therapy in our Canada Water clinic for patients who may be suffering from strains, aches and injury caused by intensive and/or strenuous sporting activity.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Sports massage has a number of physical and psychological benefits for people who may be undertaking high intensity sporting activity. As well as being a useful tool in physical rehabilitation, it also has an important role to play in keeping the body in peak physical condition, thereby minimising the risk of injury in the future.

The benefits of sports massage includes, but is not limited to, the following:
• Helping to reduce pain and inflammation.
• Improving circulation, and thereby the delivery of nutrients to the muscles of the body.
• Helping to break down scar tissue.
• Reducing built up stresses in the connective tissues of the body.
• Reducing stress and anxiety brought about by injury or over-exertion, as well as reducing the likelihood of stress and anxiety in the future.

Our sports massage techniques

Both our sports massage therapy and deep tissue massage therapy treatments work from the similar strategies. These include:
• Using neuromuscular friction and pressure techniques to release areas of strain and tension in the soft tissues and muscles.
• Applying gentle pressure to the connective tissues of the body with aim of restoring motion and easing aches and pains (myofascial release)
• Promoting muscle energy and flexibility.
• Rehabilitation advice and prevention strategies to avoid injuries in the future.

Using sports massage to improve training and overall fitness

The sports massage therapy which we offer in our Canada Water clinic is a valuable long-term training aid, boosting health and well-being and further augmenting an already or:
• Increased blood flow.
• Increased supply of nutrients to the body.
• Allowing patients to gain a greater understanding of the muscles and stretching techniques
• Improving overall long-term performance.

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In the first instance, one of our Canada Water team will discuss the best treatment strategy with you. Our Sports Massage clinic is located in Zone 2 in London; Canada Water SE16, near Deptford SE8,  New Cross SE14 and Canary Wharf E14.

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