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What is yoga?

Yoga can very broadly be described as the physical practice of stretching and bending exercises in order to maintain health and wellbeing. The men and women who practice yoga, called yogis (men) and yoginis (women), often see improvements such as:

• Greater body strength and fitness

• Improved flexibility

• A greater resistance to/and recovery from a variety of bodily ailments (such as asthma and hypertension)

Yoga has its roots in antiquity, appearing in the sacred literature of ancient India as the “path to spiritual growth”. Even the very word, ‘Yoga’, is drawn from the Hindi language and means union of the finite (the self) with the infinite (Brahman, or, the Hindu word for ‘God’).

Yoga classes at Bodytonic clinic, Canada Water

Our experienced yoga teachers host two types of yoga classes at our yoga studio in Canada Water.

A woman practicing yoga Vinyasa flow

One of the most popular styles of contemporary yoga, ‘Vinyasa’ is a Sanskrit term referring to the transition between positions on the yoga mat. The smoothness is what gives Vinyasa its second name, or nickname, “flow”.

Each class starts with pranayama, or breathing exercises. Breathing correctly is a vital component in Vinyasa’s effectiveness, as it helps the mind focus. Gradually, new users will become accustomed to the different breathing patterns and techniques.

This is then followed by a round of gentle warm-ups known as ‘sun salutations’. Sun salutations are postures that essentially warm-up or “ready” the body to synch with the breathing exercises.

Once the pranayama and sun salutations have been exercised, participants will then be ushered into the ‘flow’ — a series of standing and seated poses. This flow is never the same, and is always dependent on the needs or aims of the class. Finally, each class ends with a final pose known as savasana, and a gentle “warm down” and relaxation on the yoga mat.

Our classes are open to all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis (men) and yoginis (women). Members will be provided with props to ease in to the more difficult poses, and will be encouraged in their own time to progress naturally towards the more advanced poses.

Woman doing yogaCandle Lit Flow

The candle lit flow class is similar to the Vinyasa class: involving a gentle, rhythmic flow, with a relaxing savasana to ease off. A major difference is that it is taught at a much slower pace.  When the ‘flow’ is slowed down to the pace of the candle lit flow class, members find they can enter ‘deeper’ into pranayama. Deeper stretches are also easier to achieve

As the name suggests, candle lighting is used to generate ambience; encourage relaxation, and soothe the mind.

The biggest difference between the candle lit flow and the Vinyasa practice is in the final stage: known as ‘Yoga Nidra’, this stage guides participants into a meditation known colloquially as the “yogic sleep”. Those who practice Yoga Nidra often enough report better sleeping patterns, and less stress and anxiety. The ultimate endgame of the Yoga Nidra is to reach what is known as the “transformative state”; the boundary between full consciousness and deep relaxation, an immensely relaxing and idyllic experience.

Yoga in London: taking part in the yoga studio, Canada Water

Yoga classes should leave you mentally and physically satisfied. If you would like to join us at our yoga studio in Canada Water, contact us here to book a class. If you would like to take a look at the other services Bodytonic clinic provides, then please click here.

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